Monday, 10 December 2012

Almost there!

Finished the second to last show of the season, almost wish I had more :) thank you to everyone who came out and supported the hard working artisans ! it's wonderful to see so many people, we're still not there yet, I can pretty much guarantee that walmart is more packed than any craft show but it's getting better every year, so thank YOU for getting it! Every purchase you make from a local artist or craftsperson is voting with your dollar, encouraging the arts and inspiring new artists, showing them that it IS possible to do what you love. Every dollar vote is giving us access to take our art to another level, every dollar vote buys classes and supplies and allows us to network with other creators. and for that dollar vote? you get a beatiful piece, a story, and to meet the artist directly. You get to give our creations as gifts to the people you love, but it's not just a "hey this was on sale at futureshop so here you go" you get to describe the scene, talk about the artist, express the inspiration behind the piece, you get to tell a story about the gift, and that's pretty amazing.

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